Knowledge Transfer International specialises in the development of customised competence assurance solutions covering HSE, operations and maintenance skills for the downstream oil & gas, mining and general industries.

Since 2007, we have worked with industry and training organisations to develop a range of standardised learning and assessment resources based on Australian Quality Training  Framework (AQTF) training packages.

We specialise in developing culturally appropriate learning and assessment tools that can be delivered in local languages, but still meet the requirements of international competence standards.

We have a proven track record in delivering effective competence development and assurance tools for operators in Asia and the Middle East, and now for the first time these packages are being made available in Australia as well.


A little about us

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In many ways competence assurance is similar to a quality assurance program. Often the people who are being assessed have many years of experience, but still need to periodically validate their skills and knowledge to satisfy duty-of-care or other legislative risk management requirements.

Our philosophy recognises this, so our learning and assessment tools are specifically designed to allow experienced personnel to demonstrate their pre-existing competencies quickly and easily. This is a far more efficient way for companies to get the assurance they need that their personnel have the competencies critical for managing business risks. For employees it means that competence assurance is a lot less hassle than traditional methods.

The interactive nature of our materials makes learning relevant to real-world situations while being entertaining and memorable.

Respect for the learner